Thursday, October 29, 2009

G5 at MAISHA PLUS season 1


Ombeni Phiri and two young beautiful ladies that participated in Maisha Plus at the Maisha Plus village on the last day of the show..

Nelly, Dj Choka and Ombeni in on a bus heading to the Maisha Plus village..

Mustapha trin on Dj choka's cup on the bus on the way to the Maisha Plus village ..

Mustapha:- haaaaaaaa ... Ombeni.. bring it back... (crazy people)

Mr. Nelly too decided to give it a try.... you see the hand behind him, you don't
wanna know what happaened onward...

Over here is Kaka Bonda and Charlse - They are happy that the show is over and successful..

Abdul the Maisha Plus Ten million winner with Ombeni, Nelson and Mustapha

On the bus on the way to the Hotel...